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Trying Clinique for the FIRST time on Dark Skin

Welcome to the blog Babes,

Today we're taking a dip into the world of Clinique. Ever since I have delved into makeup, I've never quite found the need to try this brand, especially since I had a set routine of products that delivered every time without fail. Upon the recommendation of a dear friend who used Clinique as her daily foundation, I too decided to venture and give it a try as well.

When I walked into the Clinique isle in Sephora, there were several types of foundation available, however the chemist in me randomly opted to try only one foundation (the experimental variable) and relate it to my initial experiences from other brands (lets call this the control).

I have dark Indian skin, which is neither dry, nor oily and I have warm undertones. The foundation I picked is the Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer in the shade "26-Amber".

Note that I mentioned earlier that Clinique foundation was recommended to be, however, I did not ask which specific foundation was used by my friend and going into this, I did not really have any biased expectations towards the product.

Here's what happened when I used it for the first time; using the applicator, I applied some product right above my cheek (I always start there, no specific reason why) after which I paused to stare at myself in the mirror because it was astonishing. The shade was a perfect color match to my skin, not lighter or darker; an exact match.

Usually for other foundations, there are often some deviations in shade color, whether its dull or not pigmented enough, whatever the case. This is the first time a foundation perfectly matched my skin color.

The other Clinique product I decided to try is the Pop Liquid Matte Lip-Color + Primer in the shade "08 black licorice pop" which I used in the look below. Because the product indicates that it has a built in primer, I decided against using a liner. I thought that the application was very easy and very little product is required. The color is RICH and VIBRANT, two things I love when doing my lips.

Here's the gross part of my experience:

On the foundation box, it states "lasts all day". Yup you guessed it, I also put that to the test. I applied my makeup around 2 p.m. that day and I went to bed without removing my makeup. I woke up around 4 a.m. to go to the gym, still with my makeup intact. My workout lasted about 2 hours, and I was still glowing. There were only a few smudges around where my hat rested on my forehead and on my nose where my glasses usually are. This foundation truly lasted all day.

Overall, the quality of the products are excellent and let's just say that I would not be opposed to trying other products in Clinique's line.

xoxo, Chan

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