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Bad Days At The Gym

It's Mondayyyy! aka leg day. If you know me then you already know that I love Monday's. Monday indicates a fresh start of the week, an opportunity to right my wrongs, to accomplish old goals with new approaches, to reevaluate my progress, and to set new goals. I woke up promptly like every other day at 4am, but unlike everyday, I spent an extra 20 minutes laying in bed, out of sheer laziness, so I was already behind schedule.

Back to the program; I got dressed, made my preworkout shake, prepped my BCAA (which I have been taking instead of my usual preworkout), and headed out the door.

At this point, I’m mentally pumped. I’m thinking of the workouts I’m going to do today, what order I’ll do them in, how many sets, what kind of sets, how many reps, etc. This is all good and everything until I pull up to the gym and my hand goes to grab my headphones from the passenger seat and boom, they’re not there. I am in absolute disbelief. How could they not be there? I could have SWORN they were in my hand when I left. Wrong. I held them, but didn’t bring them.

Ok. No big deal, I thought, this will be just like any other workout, you know, just without the music. Okay cool, so I go into the gym and I scan the floor to see how many people are there. Not too many, but still too much for my taste.

My plan; I intended to warm up and do my initial set of workouts on the Smith machine. It was already taken and I know that once that’s taken it’ll be a whileeeee, before it’s free again. Sure, no problem, I’ll just warmup and do some free weight stuff and then lift. For some reason my body was just not responding to my mind. I’m here, ready to get moving, like NOW and I feel like a snail. LITERALLY. Trying my very best to ignore the sounds of people conversing around me and trying to listen more closely to the faint music playing in the background, I suddenly felt an uncomfortable, but rather familiar sensation. Uh oh. It appears the answer to all the mystery has surfaced as Aunt Flo has come to visit.

No no no no no. Nope. I dropped the weights and went home. Jk. I packed all of my equipment away neatly, like we’re supposed to, and then left the gym. This workout just wasn’t happening and I was not going to force it either. This was me listening to my body. I returned home, showered and got into a fresh new mindset. It was 7am and I was already hitting reset on my day and honestly, that’s totally okay. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up, it just means I needed to breathe and look at this differently. My new plan is to get through my to-do list, run my errands, and return to the gym prepared to battle any obstacles that might come my way. As long as I get through my workout by the time my 24 hours are up, I’ll be okay. This is not the end. Remember that y'all.

What do you do when you have bad gym days? Let me know in the comments :)

xoxo, Chan

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