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Six Faces Make A Limit

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Good Morning Beautiful People. Welcome to another Mindful Monday post. Aside from an incredibly confusing and unclear title, let's talk about how my week went 'cause Lord knows I definitely need an outlet for the week's transgressions. Asking for a friend, what do you do to set your emotions free? Do you keep them bottled up? When a day suddenly accelerates downward from the maximum height of the roller coaster, are the residual effects felt well into the following day or do you find a way to center yourself and recalibrate?

When the weight of the world seems to be pushing vehemently against your path forward, how can you dare to be yourself, when survival depends on conformity?

I found myself faced with all of these questions, sure, but incompetency induced paralysis struck me from multiple forts. In blending into the perceived normalcy, attempted blending that is, I realized that I had once again failed to fit the status quo. It's undeniable that it's easier to blend into mundane normalcy since others have mastered it ever-so seemingly perfect with effortless grace and charm.

But riddle me this, how can you even try to fit into the mold if you're essentially the factory defect?

The very foundations of my essence differs. I can't fit easily into this space and I'm uncomfortable, unclear what to do while I wait to be noticed, to be thrown out from the lot of profitable commercial merchandise so that I can finally find the others like me.

I can ease up with the metaphors, but my cemented perplexed state remains. Irregardless of the shiny mesmerizing ideals concocted to distract the mainstream, I've no doubt that I'd be able to fulfill the requisite requirements, just not within the probability of reasonable expectations. In other words, if placed in a 4 x 4 x 4, I'd grow to its dimensions and beyond, only to find myself in another eerily similar situation with 6 x 6 x 6 dimensions. Theoretically, this can propagate towards infinity, however, my tolerance predates eternity and if coupled with my distaste for discomfort, the sands in the hourglass draws near to me disobeying the predetermined parameters of my limits and alas, freedom. Freedom to be me.

P.S. if you didn't quite grasp how the title relates, the six faces are the sides of a box, which determines your limit. Think outside the box my friends.



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