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What To Do When You Can't Do Anything

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Good Morning beautiful people! Rise and shine on this gorgeous spring morning when we are all still quarantined. Will this be the beginning of another week of binging shows from dawn to dusk cozied up on that sweet spot in the corner of the couch, in the

embrace of a comforter accompanied by yet another newly opened family sized bag of barbecue potato chips next to your siblings? Um ... maybe, yes.

While I am tempted to catch up on doing absolutely nothing, given the pace to which I am accustomed, it simply isn't me. I can't seem to sit still for too long. There is no time like the present for some action. Literally. Okay! I admit, I might have attempted to incessantly scroll through my social media accounts while pretending to know what twists and turns the protagonists of my series encountered, but suddenly the guilt started to seep through the what was left of my conscious psyche.

A familiar sort of guilt. The one that followed me around for years as I made excuse after excuse for not having enough time in the day. When I was busy with my studies, the guilt would come to me in little flashes of thoughts that zapped through my cerebral cavity, trickling down my spine, lighting a spark in my heart for a fleeting moment. It's sort of simultaneously filled with hope and disappointment.

Oh I'm sure you know the guilt I speak of. The "I'd be so successful doing that as my side gig..." or the "I could be so talented ..." or "I could really make a difference doing XYZ ... if only I had enough time".

Conveniently enough, time is on my side for the first time. I'm in full consciousness aware that I won't be able to hop off the couch and discover the next big thing on the Fortune 500, but something of greater significance lies at the end of this tunnel. Self Actualization. Yes, you read correctly. For years, I've pondered the what-ifs, and now the probability of actuality is more significant than a faint momentary thought. To think, the satisfaction I'll find by finishing more than one piece of literary work that now occupies several megabytes in my iBook library, formulating good habits that can be sustained when life returns to normalcy, finishing this blog post, insert X activity here, whatever the case may be, the possibilities are truly endless. Productivity is productivity is productivity and I'm sure you've heard this next quote under more devious circumstances "one thing leads to another", but bare with me, I promise I have a point. I conceived numerous ideas throughout the years; one of which was this blog, born years ago, remaining suffocated under the gravity of my already over-occupied schedule.

It deserved a fighting chance in the world, which I couldn't compromise to provide, but one day sometime last week I started reading and in turning the pages written by those before me, I started to write instead, only to realize FindingMyChic was waiting patiently, hungry for my attention.

I'm turning this blog's fate around; all of my "if only I had enough time"-thoughts deserve a fighting chance.

I deserve a fighting chance. You deserve a fighting chance and if you're not plagued by the worries of the world, safely tucked into your couch, you owe it to yourself to fight for you before all you're left with are faint acknowledgements of "if only I had enough time".

Let me know what your what if moments are in the comments or the DM's, whatever floats your boat. See you in the next post!



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