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Finished with School Forever?

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog! I know that it has been quite some time, too much if you ask me, but what could I have done? Duty called and I had to answer. (haha) I tried to stay engaged and connected to the world, but life's demands were incessant.

I can finally say with ease that the formal educational phase of my life is over, at least I hope it is! Over the last year, there were way too many nights spent studying, writing papers, presentations, you know the usuals, leaving all my hobbies and talents unattended on the back burner. Now that one phase is over, I am ready to transition into another phase of my life, the real bill-paying, house-buying, grown up adult you're supposed to magically transform into when you bid adieu to the scent of double shot espressos and croissants at 7am in the lobby of a Manhattan campus.

For those of you who are familiar, I've racked up a handful of letters that follow my name and they seem to be heavyweights for a number of people like my family, my friends, my peers, and society in general. However, they seem mundane and average to the one group of people whom I whole-heartedly believe it should matter ... employers.

I fear that I bought into the really expensive idea that the more prestige you acquire, the fancier life will be at the end of the tunnel. WRONG!!! To my dismay, all the sacrifices I've made in the last six years of my life seems worthless. At least to me, until proven otherwise. A decorated resume sits on the desk or in the trash inboxes of who knows how

many recruiters, but without the requisite 5-10 years of experience, hopes and dreams remain on the outer threshold of life as the diplomas enter one after the other. I can't help but sense that this lingering discontented feeling from the disappointments of the job hunt is what many millennials before me felt. Committing wholeheartedly to the advice of our elders, only to find that there is no job security and no big revealing moment of stepping out into the world on my own two feet is certainly not what I anticipated. Don't get me wrong, our guardians didn't lead us into the wrong direction on purpose; rather its a matter of pride for them to see us succeed and have achievements, but the world has changed and we don't get hired the day after graduating college, unfortunately. There is no security in the degree anymore if you need X number of certificates afterwards to be eligible to even apply for any given job unless you want to settle for a job that you could have gotten without the hefty college tuition.

My question is as such, would this generation, nay, would I have found greater success, contentment, happiness, and stability pursuing my talents right out of high school instead of chasing an intellectual ideal no longer held sacred? Did I lose myself in this pursuit? What do you all think? Would I or you have been in a better place today if we followed our hearts?

In this blog going forward, I will be writing my thoughts coupled with my journey of transitioning from college to the workforce ... if I ever get hired that is. Stay tuned.

Feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, concerns, even your own experiences or trepidations about leaving college. If you have a topic in college or life that you want to pick my brain about let me know and I'll be sure to share my two cents in another post.



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