Finding My Chic The Story

Finding My Chic has been my baby since I conceived the idea many many moons ago. Initially, I started out with a name completely different from what it is now, but when I first thought of Finding My Chic, I was more than thrilled to begin this project, simply because that's exactly what I was doing, nay still doing, in my life, Finding My Chic. I knew exactly the type of woman I wanted to evolve into as I embark on adulthood, I just didn't quite figure out how to get there, in fact I'm still not there; however, in my journey from Geek to Chic (the OG name), I acquired SO much valuable knowledge that I wished was readily available to me, instead of me having to figure out how to navigate certain circumstances. Now I want to share my expertise to help you Find YOUR Chic! whether it is in advancing your education, living a healthy lifestyle incorporating fitness, or discovering all the right beauty products to assist your in your journey of being a #GIRLBOSS. Join me on the adventure so that we can all emerge to rise up to our greatest potential. Do you have what it takes? You're already here, thats 50% of the journey completed. Let's Go! 





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